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Antarctica Cruises 2014

Planning a voyage to the icerbergs, glaciers and wildlife of the Great White Continent in 2014?

If you are hoping to visit Antarctica in November or December 2014, then you'll need to book soon.  Unfortunately all the Fly & Cruise voyages are now fully-booked.  Many of the cheapest cabins on the most popular cruises are taken, however some places still remain.  You'll also want to get your flights down to Ushuaia booked soon as this is a popular destination over the summer.


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When to go:

November 2014

November's a great time for landscape photographers to visit - so early in the summer, the big ice cuts crisp outlines against the blue sea and sky.  Wildlife-wise, November's the season for mating and breeding among seals and courtship displays and nest-building for penguins.  You'll also spot dozens of giant seabirds when crossing the Drake Passage.

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December 2014

December is the start of Summer, and you'll experience up to 20 hours of daylight each day.  There are great opportunities for landscape photographers; all kinds of seal are busy mating, and you'll see many great seabirds when crossing the Drake.  But you'll also have a chance of spotting whales as they start to return to Antarctic waters.

December 2014 Voyages >>


2015 Voyages

Relative to December, voyages in 2015 have greater availability, particularly those that set sail further from the New Year.  Voyages in March will have slightly shorter days as Autumn sets in, but will also be slightly discounted accordingly compared to peak season prices. 

2015 Voyages >>


Antarctica Deals

With such a unique destination, the deals on offer can sometimes require a certain degree of flexibility - if you enjoy this luxury, then you could save $1,000s on your voyage to the Great Antarctic!

Past offers have inclued:

- Cabin upgrades
- Discounted domestic flights
- Free hotel nights en-route in Santiago

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Antarctic Cruise Guide

We'll help you find your cruise style according to your appetite for adventure:

- Skip the Drake Passage with cruises that include flights to Antarctica
- The standard Antarctic Peninsula in 9-12 days
- Abundant wildlife of Falklands & South Georgia
- Go further southThe Antarctic Circle
- Travel in style with Luxury Antarctic Cruise   
- Antarctic kayaking & camping with Active cruises


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Antarctic Vessel Guide

-  Luxury & Fine Dining  Silver Explorer

-  Comfort & Adventure  Sea Explorer | Sea Spirit | Ocean Diamond | Akademik Ioffe | Akademik Sergey Vavilov

-  Fly and Cruise             Ocean Nova | Sea Adventurer

-  Active & Adventurous Plancius | Ortelius

-  Authentic Expedition   MV Ushuaia | Polar Pioneer

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Which month?


Summer is in full swing with penguin chicks hatching all fluffy and grey, you'll see them earlier in the South Shetland Islands and later in the month to the south of the Peninsula. In January watch out for:

- Fur and leopard seal pups getting bigger, sticking close to their mums on the beaches.

- Penguin colonies are a hive of activity, with parents finding as much food as possible for their young, fending off giant Skua birds that prey on baby penguins.

Find out more about visiting Antarctica in January


February is still summertime and the continuously receding ice means that ice breakers can explore further south, visiting the Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea. Expect to see:

- Young penguin chicks are starting to get strong and big and can be seen huddling in 'penguin creches'. 

- The concentration of fur seals increases

- February is prime time for whale watching with a variety of breeds feeding in the Antarctic Peninsula

Find out more about visiting Antarctica in February


By March, Autumn is well and truly here. The days begin to get shorter and the temperature starts to drop as the sun sinks below the southern horizon. Extensive walks into the South Shetland Islands are possible as although you may experience some winter frost during the night, snow cover is at its minimum.

- Young penguins are now in a state of adolescence and are interested and inquisitive in visitors

- Adult penguins are molting, making them look strangely shabby! They spend a lot of their time teaching their young to go to sea

- Whale watching is still very good at this time of year and there's a high chance you'll get near to lots of them

Find out more about visiting Antarctica in March


November is springtime in Antarctica, and as the ice begins to break and melt thanks to the sun's energy, Antarctica gets a burst of life - with plankton blooming on the ice and krill swelling in abundance. After a long, dark winter, Antartica's creatures make the most of the spring to fatten up before darkness strikes again. In November you'll see:

- Crabeater seals (born between September and November)

- Penguin courting rituals, nest building and stone stealing

- Penguin, petrel and comorant eggs are laid in November

- Elephant alpha seals aggressively guarding their harems on the beach until December

- Seals lounging on many icebergs

- Minke, Southern right whales and humpbacks arriving to feed

Find out more about visiting Antarctica in November


We're in early summer now, and many animals are being born, parents are searching for food for their young, and the variety of wildlife that can be seen on the icebergs, ice cliffs and Antarctic beaches is extraordinary. You'll see:

- whales feeding in Antarctica's food rich waters

- Petrel and comorant eggs are still hatching

- Penguin eggs start to hatch at the end of December in South Shetland Islands

- Days are lengthening so you should be getting near to 24 hours of daylight

Find out more about visiting Antarctica in December

Your Antarctic Cruise Style

We'll help you find your cruise style according to your appetite for adventure:

Visit our Antarctic Cruise Guide here.


How can we help you?

We have helped all sorts of people arrange their trip to Antarctica and we provide the following services:

1) Impartial advice from Antarctica specialists: how, when, where, what, with which operator and vessel.

2) Antarctica is vast - we'll help you work out which type of Antarctic Cruise itinerary is right for you.

3) We'll help you find the best expedition vessel for your own style, budget and aspirations for your trip.

4) If you have specific holiday dates we'll help you find available cabins for your travel plans. 

5) We help solo travellers find likeminded travel companions to share a cabin and any expensive single supplements.

6) Want to visit Patagonia as well? We'll help you design a great itinerary to explore both destinations.