Antarctica Cruises 2016

Early 2016:  For those planning to visit Antarctica in January, February or March next year, you'll need to book soon as cabin availability is becoming increasingly limited.

Late 2016:  If you're planning ahead for November and December 2016, then availability is still relatively open for most dates, but some of those around Christmas / New Year have already sold out.

January to March 2016


At the height of summer, January is the most popular time in which to visit the Antarctic Peninsula. With almost 24-hour daylight, you'll have extra time in which to explore and make the most of your time in this remarkable corner of the world.

Wildlife-lovers and photographers will be delighted as penguin chicks are at their cutest and seals abound. Humpback, orca and minke whale start to return to Antarctic waters, too.


In February, light conditions are at their best for photographers, whilst penguin-lovers are treated to huddles of 'penguin creches'. Also, the many different species of seal are joined by increasing numbers of whales.

February is also peak season for crossing the Polar Circle as operators try to combine the longer daylight hours of mid-summer with the late summer's weaker and receding pack-ice, allowing for exploration without the need for ice-breakers.


In the final month of the Antarctica travel season you'll have a much greater sense of isolation and adventure as you explore these waters without sighting other vessels. You'll have a much greater chance of spotting whales instead!

Also at this time of year, algae paints the ice cliffs green and pink and penguin chicks are at their strongest and most curious.

Daylight hours are falling as Autumn approaches, but you can expect lower prices that reflect this.

November to December 2016


In November Antarctica opens its arms to the season's first visitors.  You'll not only enjoy the excitement of walking on virgin snow, but you'll also appreciate its beauty as you discover the Peninsula aboard one of the few early visitors.

It's mating season for penguins, who will treat you to courtship displays and their nest-building.  Seals of all kinds are also beginning to mate.  Landscape photographers, meanwhile, will love the distinctive outlines of the giant icebergs cut against the sea and sky.


The summer sun bathes the continent in 20-24 hours of daylight in December, making it a popular time to visit. It's also a busy time for the penguin rookeries as the chicks begin to hatch from mid-December onwards. The Christmas holiday period adds to the popularity, and prices tend to reflect this.

However you'll be treated to seals abound as they seek suitable mates and landscape photographers are treated to the still-crisp edges of great icebergs.

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